Network Automation : Using NAPALM context manager to connect multiple IP address

Network Automation NAPALM (Python networking scripts examples) In this network automation example, we will be using context manager to connect devices. The context manager is very useful if the number of devices is greater than 100. All the opening and closing of the session will be handled automatically. We don’t have to use the open()…More


Network Automation : NAPALM Context Manager to connect to a device

Network Automation NAPALM (Python networking scripts examples) In some of the previous blogs of network automation example, we have used the open() and close() methods to connect and close the session with a network device. Now we will use the context manager to connect to a Cisco router in this example. If there are some…More

Network Automation : Get_facts to retrieve device information

Network Automation NAPALM (Python networking scripts examples) In this network automation example, we will use the get_facts function to retrieve device information. This is a simple example of collecting information from a device. If you don’t have a network setup for practice, try using routers from Sandbox. Some routers are available 24×7. It doesn’t require…More

Introduction to NAPALM Network Automation

Network Automation NAPALM This blog introduces NAPALM, which is a Python library for network automation. NAPLAM stands for Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor Support. The NAPALM library can comes in handy for performing daily tasks such as getting device configuration, device uptime, protocol details and many more. It can also be used…More

Handle url error in Web Scraping

In our old blog, we checked how to handle http errors by importing HTTPError. This blog explains how to handle url errors, which occur due to mistyped URLs or servers not found.More

HTTP Error exception handling

In web scraping, two things can impact the running status of a program: The first is that the page is not found on the server and the second is that the URL is mistyped or not found.More