Star Topology

Star topology is an implementation of the hub-and-spoke device model. Every node is connected to the central device. Node is referred to as a spoke, and the hub is the central device. 

Hub is the central device that acts as a manager for all devices. All traffic passes through the hub. Any two devices wanting to exchange data will first send data to the hub, and then it is sent to the other device.

This topology utilizes more cable than the bus and ring topologies. Number of cables required depends on the number of users. For example, we require four cables to connect four users or systems to the Hub. 


  • Nodes can be added or removed without disturbing the network.
  • Good for a large network.
  • If one node fails, it does not affect the other users on the network.
  • Performance is better than bus and ring topologies.
  • Easy to troubleshoot.


  • Costlier due to the number of cables needed.
  • If the hub fails, the complete network is down 

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