Flet Introduction

It is a framework for building interactive multi-user web, desktop, and mobile applications in Python. It is not necessary to have prior experience with web technologies . We can build a UI(User Interface) for a program using Flet controls, which are based on Google Flutter. Installation Hello World example using flet Output Example : Displaying…More


String replacement

This blog replaces the string using the replace() method. This method is used to replace the specified string with another string. Syntax string.replace(old, new, count) old :- The string to search fornew : – String to replace the old stringcount :- Determine number to replace the string Example : Replacing the city name in the…More

History command on Cisco Switch

Switch records or stores command that have been entered. It is very useful features to recall long and complex commands. By default, switch records 10 commands in its history buffer. We can change this number for a current terminal session or for all session. To change this number for current terminal session, go into priviledeged…More

Cisco IOS command modes

Cisco IOS user interface is divided into different modes. Use ? to check list of commands available in that mode. When we first login into the switch or router, we are in user mode also known as EXEC mode. This mode is identified with “>” symbol. It has limited commands. Only show or clear commands…More

Napalm script to display device hsotname, serial number and os version

This program displays the hostname, serial number, and OS version of a device. The “get_facts” command includes all of these details. We need to modify the parameters so that it displays the result as per our requirements. Complete program for displaying hostname, serial number and os version OutputMore

Napalm to get memory usage of a device

Here, we will be creating a Napalm script to find the current usage of the memory on the device. Start by importing Napalm along with the JSON library. We will be using JSON to format the data. Below is the compete code to display memory usage from the device Output After connecting to a device,…More

Pythonping module

This is a simple module that can be used to check the ping reachability of the device. Script using this module can be used independently or as part of a larger application. Before we start using it, install it using the command “pip install pythonping”. Below is our first program using pythonping module. It is…More

Configure Static Routing on Cisco Routers using GNS3 LAB

Static routing involves manual configuration of a routing table on the router. It is the simplest method for adding routes to router route tables. In some cases, static routes are preferred over routes learned via dynamic routing protocols. In this blog, we will configure a LAB with static routing. We have three routers, R1, R2 and…More

How to change hostname of a Cisco router

Here, we will discuss how to change the hostname of a Cisco router or Cisco switch. Changing the hostname on a router or switch is a simple task, and it doesn’t take that amount of time to change. At the end of the post, we will use the netmiko Python script to change the hostname…More